Rebel Sky Showdown

Challenge 21

Summer In December

(Due December 2nd, 2022 at 9pm EST)

Christmas time and the holiday season are synonymous with chilly weather, hot cocoa, and snow flurries in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a constant battle to escape the cold and keep Jack Frost away. Yes, visions of sugar plums dance in our heads. But so do visions of laying in on the beach with a fruity drink while a handsome gentleman rubs suntan lotion on our shoulders (adapt that part if needed). The point is, we could ALL use a little bit of summer. Yes, you can take a Christmas song and adapt the lyrics. Sure, you can take a song about summer and adapt it to Christmas time. Or, if that is too complicated, just lay down a track about what you did in the “Summer of ‘69”. Let’s heat things up and thaw out, Rebels.  When you are ready to submit, send it to the submission sheet. Look for Rebel Sky Showdown in the form. Also make sure to use the hashtag #RSChallenge21 so that others can listen to your song if they want to vote before the show! Remember you can only submit ONE song, so make sure it is the one you want to use! And don’t submit any song you have previously submitted to a Rebel Sky Showdown Challenge. We can’t wait to play your selection on the Rebel Sky Showdown Saturday December 3rd, 2022 @ 1 pm (EST).


  • Any genre is acceptable
  • Old and new recordings are acceptable
  • Solos, Duets, and Group songs are acceptable. (This is a great opportunity for you to bring your singing partner(s) into the Rebel Sky Family!) Please remember that the person who submits the song will be deemed the winner of the challenge if the song is chosen that week.
  • Any amount of layers and/or fx are allowed.
  • Use the cover art provided in chat.
  • Use hashtag #RSChallenge21 on your Smule song.

**Please refrain from submitting any song you have previously submitted to a Rebel Sky Challenge.**

Entries are due Friday, December 2nd, 2022 at 9pm EST.

We look forward to another fabulous showdown where you get the chance to win $25! What are you waiting for? Submit NOW! 🙂

Want to see what everyone is submitting? Go into Smule and use the hashtag to listen to everyone else’s entry! The day before the show, there will be a form posted in Main chat where you can go and vote for your favorite entry. (Please DO NOT vote for your own song) Voting will be available for 24 hours and will close at the end of the show right before the winner is announced. On the day of the LIVE SHOW, come hang out in the the LIVE room as Rebel Sky plays all of the submissions and announces the winner based off of YOUR votes! The winner will receive a $25 prize via Venmo or PayPal and be automatically entered into the Finale show in December where the winner of that Challenge will win a new RODE NT1-A microphone! (Winners must be members of Rebel Sky and in the line rooms. Please contact Raven Blaze with your PayPal or Venmo info.) Good luck to EVERYONE!
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WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT USING THIS FORM FOR SUBMISSIONS. Please read above to know how to submit your entry. Thanks!

Deadline for submission

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The highest rated song will get $25