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To submit a song for the shows find a suiteable show and submit through the form below


  • Joyful Noise – This is a show centered on Christian/Gospel Music. Any song that is about praising God is perfect for this show. Please make sure the lyrics are consistent with the show theme. Some songs (like Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah) may “seem” Christian, but are in fact secular. That song is better suited for Reelin’ In the Years. We want ALL your songs, but we want them in the correct show. 🙂
  • Knockin’ Boots – This is a show devoted to Country Music. Any and all music within this genre is acceptable.
  • Reelin’ In the Years – This show is for all of your songs up through the 70’s decade. Any genre other than Country is acceptable.
  • Big Hair, Don’t Care – It’s the 80s, baby! This show is for any song (other than Country) that was recorded or covered in the 80s! Any Genre, any Style!
  • Nineties 2 Now – This is just what it says – any music from the 90s decade through songs that were put out yesterday. Any genre other than Country is acceptable.
  • The Big T.O.E. – This show is anything TV, Movies, Broadway, and Disney related!
  • Rebel Sky Showdown – This is a bi-weekly challenge show. The theme for each show will be posted in the Rebel Sky Showdown note. The Challenges will run for 2 weeks. There will be cash prizes and lots of fun for everyone involved! You won’t want to miss this!
  • INSTAGRAM – If you have Smule video songs you’d like to submit, you can now submit them to the song form! Just click on “Instagram Feed” and we will choose some at random to feature on our Instagram account! Please make sure they are video songs and not audio only. Thanks so much!

Once you have decided on the show to submit to, you will fill out the form. Now you are all set! Sit back, relax, and listen to the show! If you hear someone that you like, feel free to go and give them a follow on Smule!

Go to the Itunes App Store or the Google Play Store and download the Zeno App. Once there, search for Rebel Sky Radio. You will see the Station Logo. Click on it and add it to your favorites. Push play and listen to all of the tunes!

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